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Annual Member Update

Past and Present

This past year marked the start of an exciting new phase for ONE-T. Emerging from a period of building and stabilizing, we are now looking ahead with a clear focus on optimizing the Trust for members now and into the future.

Communication, engaging with stakeholders, and benchmarking our costs and plan design are essential for the Trust. As such, these were key priorities for us in 2021-2022. Now with the groundwork laid, we are excited to be in a position to move forward on potential improvements.


  • Conducted a survey to assess members’ experiences with the Plan’s service providers
  • Launched plan enhancements in June 2022, including:
    • Increase to paramedical coverage to $550 per benefit year, per practitioner, for select services (from $500)
    • Increase to mental health services coverage to $1,500 per benefit year (from $1,000)
    • Addition of Dietitian to paramedical coverage at $550 per benefit year
  • Launched plan enhancements in September 2022, including:
    • Increase to the Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), from $750 to $850 for the 2022-2023 plan year
    • Addition of Acupuncture to paramedical coverage at $550 per benefit year
  • Continued our engagement as “Partners in Good Health” through member education and plan communications
  • Engaged in two benchmarking initiatives to better understand how ONE-T compares with other Employee Life and Health Trusts (ELHTs) with respect to plan benefits and administrative costs
  • Hired a new Executive Director, Moe Renaud to handle the day-to-day operations of the Trust

Communication enhancements

Over the past couple of years, ONE-T has been actively seeking ways to improve the member experience. Now, the journey to realize these improvements has begun.

  • A modernized communication approach to make important information timelier and more accessible
  • More frequent and shorter, easy-to-digest email messages – better for today’s active and busy readers
  • Regular two-way communication with members – plan member surveys have provided valuable insights in the past and will continue to be an important part of our member communication strategy
  • A fully revamped website for a much better online member experience

Key features of the revamped ONE-T website

Making it easy to find the information you need

  • New homepage will showcase the most recent communications
  • A key word search engine puts the whole website at your fingertips
  • Information and member communications are provided in clear, concise blog-style posts
  • Improved navigation bar uses intuitive drop-down menus to quickly find information about your benefits, using your plan, and who to contact for what
  • New learning center features categories of common topics, and archived communications
  • Where it makes sense, we’ll use videos to walk members through processes and more complex topic

Plan performance and financial highlights

The ONE-T Board rigorously monitors the Plans’ financial situations, maintains the highest professional standards in all of its fiduciary responsibilities, and follows prudent plan management, governance and funding policies. Trustees will continue making sustainability a key priority.

The December 31, 2021 actuarial valuation continued the trend of a positive forecast of the Plan’s financial position over the next three years. This strong financial position allowed room for the Plan improvements implemented in 2022.

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