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Spotlight on your emergency travel medical coverage

If you’re travelling out of the province or out of the country, remember that you have emergency travel medical coverage under your ONE-T benefits plan. It can provide peace of mind, knowing that you and your eligible dependents are covered for emergency medical care while you’re away.


This benefit is for you and your eligible covered dependents

Coverage is for medical emergencies outside your province of residence or outside of Canada

You’re covered for up to 60 days per trip

The maximum benefit per trip is
$1 million

Review these tips that can help you avoid a stressful situation when travelling.

If you have a health condition – check with Canada Life before you go

Your medical emergency might not be eligible for coverage if you have a condition that you know about or are actively treating before you go away. Your benefits plan will only cover emergency medical treatments if the circumstance is unforeseen. Your best bet is to call Canada Life before you travel to confirm if you have any health conditions that would not qualify for coverage.

Pack your benefits card

If you have a medical emergency while you’re away, call the phone number listed on your benefits card (the number will vary depending on the country you’re travelling in). An agent will review your coverage and coordinate services for you.

Make the call as soon as possible – ideally before you start receiving treatment – so the benefits coordination process can begin, and you can avoid having to pay for medical treatment upfront.

Need to locate your benefits card?

•  From the Canada Life website: once you’re logged in, select “Info centre, for benefits”
   and then “View benefits cards”.

•  From the My Canada Life at Work app: once you're logged in, select the card icon from
   the top-right corner.

Get the app for iPhoneGet the app for Android

Know what’s covered…

Your coverage includes:

   Emergency hospital stays and emergency medical treatment
   24-hour phone access to speak with an agent
   Coordination and support to find the services and care you need
   Transportation home or to another medical facility, if you need it
   And more!

You can find a complete list of what’s covered, along with some important rules and tips, in your Plan Booklet.

… And also know what’s not covered

Your ONE-T benefits plan covers emergency medical costs. However, it does not cover:

   Trip cancellation
   Trip interruption
   Loss or damage of baggage

You can get these types of coverage from other sources (e.g., travel agencies or certain credit cards).

Wishing you safe travels in 2024!

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