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Life events

Life happens. And when it does, it may have an impact on your benefit needs. For any of the following eligible life events, you have the opportunity to make changes to your benefits and may want to review your Life and AD&D beneficiary designations:

  • Change in eligibility status (e.g., moving from part time to full time)
  • Marriage/common-law relationship
  • Birth/adoption of a child
  • Marriage breakdown (i.e., separation/divorce)
  • Loss of coverage through your spouse’s plan (e.g., if your spouse loses his/her job)
  • Death of spouse or child

Please report any life events promptly to Cowan (our plan administrator). If you don’t report the change within 12 months, you could experience a gap in coverage – so make sure to keep your personal information on file up to date!

For additional information, please refer to your Plan Booklet.

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