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In addition to ONE-T, there are several service partners that work together to provide the overall experience for plan members. Each partner was selected by ONE-T based on a variety of qualifications: their experience with benefits trusts and within the education sector, long-term partnership potential, robust technology, value for the quoted fees and the ability to provide excellent service to our members.

ONE-T service partners include: Cowan, Canada Life, Chubb and Cubic Health (FACET). Together with the ONE-T trust, these partners fill a necessary role in delivering and supporting your plan benefits and member experience.

Canada Life

(health, dental and life insurance coverage)

Canada Life provides service for your health, dental, and life insurance benefits as well as your HCSA accounts. This includes all aspects of claims processing and answering your questions about using these plan benefits.

When to contact Canada Life:

  • For information about health, dental, HCSA and life insurance benefits
  • To ask about expense eligibility, prior authorization or dental predeterminations
  • To ask about claims processes or status
  • For help logging into or using Canada Life’s GroupNet for Plan Member

Canada Life
GroupNet for Plan Members


(plan administrator)

As plan administrator, Cowan is responsible for tasks like collecting and maintaining member information, confirming eligibility (based on trust-established rules) and enrolling eligible members. Cowan creates your personal statements, tax slips and answers questions about the plan rules.

When to contact Cowan:

  • For questions about enrollment, eligibility (for you/dependents) and benefits costs
  • To enroll in the plan or make changes after a life event
  • To update personal information (name, address, etc.)
  • To request an additional or replacement benefits card
  • To request tax slips
  • For help logging into or using Cowan’s Member Access site


Cubic Health

(FACET program for prior authorization)

Cubic Health runs the FACET program to provide prior authorization for coverage for specific specialty drugs, biologics, or treatments for complex medical conditions. They provide an independent clinical review by a licensed pharmacist.

When to contact Cubic Health:

  • For questions about drug claims that involve prior authorization (specialty drugs)
  • For issues relating to the prior authorization process.

Cubic Health


(Accidental Death & Disability insurer)

Chubb insures your AD&D benefits, including insurance options for you and your covered dependents. They provide the insurance coverage and process any AD&D claims.

All AD&D forms and information will be managed through Cowan. Members will not need to contact Chubb directly.


(employee life and health trust)

ONE-T oversees the overall Plan for members. This includes setting policies, managing operations, overseeing funding and financials, and oversight of ONE-T’s service partners. Learn more about ONE-T’s role.

When to contact ONE-T:

Email us at

For questions on ONE-T operations:
Moe Renaud – Executive Director:

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